Guitar,bass and banjo repairs in Ely and Cambridgeshire

Electric Guitar

Repairs to all fretted stringed instruments are undertaken by Dave Webster in the studio workshop. 20 plus years of experience, combined with guaranteed workmanship and materials,make for a a great service. A small schedule of prices is listed below, which should be read as a guide only. Rates will vary depending on the project undertaken.

Guitar – Bass, Mandolin and Banjo Set Up’s

Check / adjust and carry out the following: • Nut height and slot profile • Truss Rod check • String Height/Arc check • Fret Polish • Intonation check • Pickup Balancing • Check for loose or threaded strap buttons • Check security / function of all hardware and parts • Clean and polish instrument

If you require a guitar, banjo, or mandolin repair quotation we are always happy to oblige, however it is always best that we view the instrument first, before committing to a price. This way we can be fair to you and to ourselves and provide a first class repair service.Telephone 01353 669088 or 07812 985296 for prompt attention and an appointment.

Price Menu

Basic electric guitar set up (non Floyd Rose Trem type) £35 plus V.A.T

Basic acoustic guitar set up £41 plus V.A.T

Basic banjo set up £46 plus V.A.T

Basic mandolin set up £51 plus V.A.T

Fret dress and fret polish £65 plus V.A.T

All above prices are labour only and do not include parts.

All types of repairs are undertaken so please ring or email for further details.
It should be noted that free advice for your own projects is available, but only by email please.

Collection and delivery of items can be arranged only within a ten mile radius of Ely. There is a charge for this service. Tel. 01353 669088 for prices and details.

Amplifier repairs

Limited facilities exist for repairs to older valve amplifiers. Repairs are undertaken in our workshop where possible.It is always best to contact the site first, to discuss the problem.

Telephone or email for quotes as each job is different. An inspection charge of £25 is made for this facility, if work is brought to the workshop for consideration. However this is refunded if the work is carried out by ourselves.

Payment for Repairs sent to the workshop via carrier, can now be paid for by using "PAYPAL" by emailing this site.

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